KCCA Impasse: Western Uganda NRM legislators Differ over Government’s Move to Amend the KCCA Act

Emma BoonaKyamadid

Appearing on the “Manya ebikufa omwihanga ryaawe” a radio talk show on Radio West today morning, the panelists said the KCCA amendment bill is in wrong timing.

The issue threatened to escalate as law makers took sides on the recently proposed KCCA amendment bill by government that seeks election for lord mayor of Kampala among the councilors.

It should be noted that The Kampala Capital City Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2015, seeks strengthen the authority of the central government in the administration of the city by giving more powers to the minister for Kampala to be the political head of the city and the Lord Mayor only remains with legislative powers.

FDC’s Mweteise Bintabara accused NRM of selfishness and greed for individualizing laws and making anti-people laws.

“We are shocked and displeased that NRM makes laws for individuals. Since Elias Lukwago came in office, NRM has always done laws to infringe him.”

He added; “You should know democracy. If you make laws only for Lukwago and not for Ugandans, then you are missing a point.”

Isaaya Kazooba said that;

“I agree with my colleagues that we want to see the city affairs very well planned.  if you are to wed, you can’t put it on the market day when you know all your friends are going to be in the market ”

We have decentralized laws, now if you centralize laws in Kampala. I want to tell you people of NRM, that management is very important. You have failed management of politics of Kampala to restrict people.

Lord Mayor is not the first person to be lord mayor. He personalized it, fought president Museveni.

Hon. Charles Ngabirano said that Kampala issues are alternatives.

Hon. Vicent Mujuni Kyamadidi the Member of Parliament of Rwampala said he is not happy with the timing of this bill and vowed not to support it since it was in bad faith.

“I am among the people who don’t support it because of the timing. For us in parliament, when you bring a proposed law to parliament, you leave 45 days for the committee to do consultations and review process. Now everyone is campaigning now and this cannot be given enough time and therefore will not be appreciated by the people,” Kyamadidi said.

He added; our city should be free from politics.

Hon. Emma Boona the Mbarara District woman MP however said she supports the bill owing to Lukwago’s indiscipline.

“The bill has a relation with the general elections. After the 2011 general elections I met Lukwago in Parliament celebrating and he was saying he had not won the election but Museveni.”

“If you are the president of a country, and you see something not working out, there are some laws that you will make even if people don’t like them as long as they are to bring peace. Even if the law is unpopular as long as it is to stabilize the area, we have to make it,” Emmaboona explained.