Ntungamo Turmoil: District Speaker Admitted as Amama supporters clash with Museveni’s

Police seal off the town to separate the supporters of either sides from clashing. Later, the police was overpowered and fresh fights emerged.

On Stand By: Police seal off the town to separate the supporters of either sides from clashing. Later, the police was overpowered and fresh fights emerged.

Ntungamo Town: Go forward Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi’s supporters and opponents (President Museveni’s) clashed today in Ntungamo town western Uganda district, pelting each other with rocks and fighting with sticks.

The clashes began when hundreds of supporters of Amama arrived in town only to find youth paraded at the Ntungamo stage opposite Jaka Jex pharmacy building donning in president Museveni T-shirts holding sticks ready to confront them.

Face off, Supporters of both sides meet eye to eye

Face off: Supporters of both sides meet eye to eye

Outnumbered by their attackers, the yellow brigade youth were driven away from their sit-in location outside the town and fled to side streets as police looked on.

According to Humphrey Manasseh who was on the scene, unclear number has been admitted following the clashes.IMG-20151213-WA0058

“It was around 4:30 pm as supporters of Mbabazi were waiting for him in Ntungamo, a group of people with Museveni T-shirts who were under the protection of police after being paid 5000 shillings each paraded along the road where the supporters of Mbabazi whipped them seriously,” Manasseh said.

It has been established that these people were mobilized and paid for by Gen. Tumukunde with assistance of the District Speaker Dan Nabimanya and the Ntungamo Business man Kihosho.

Man walks with a steal metal in Ntungamo town earlier today.

Man walks with a steal metal in Ntungamo town earlier today.

Different reports which we cannot independently verify indicate that over 18 people have been admitted following the clashes including the district speaker who according to the reliable source badly sustained injuries.

By press time, Mr. Dan Nabimanya has been admitted to an unknown hospital, as efforts to reach his phone were futile.

One of the Museveni supporters being fled after receiving serious treatment by Mbabazi supporters

One of the Museveni supporters being fled after receiving serious treatment by Mbabazi supporters

Earlier in the day, unidentified men were seen patrolling the town armed with timber and strong clubs as they were guarded by police.



Makerere University Non-Teaching staff threaten to strike


The support staff shall today Friday 31st  July 2015 decide in a general assembly  at the University Main Building to discuss a way forward.

The officials say if no positive results are seen, they will go as planned to lay down their tools starting from 3rd August 2015.


According to sources privy to Campus Times, the government of Uganda and Makerere university last increased the incentives of the non-teaching staff in 1986.

According to a source that preferred anonymity, joined this university as a non teaching staff in 1997 and during all these years, he claims he has never seen any increment on his salary.

It should be noted that a total of Shs39 billion is required to meet salary demands for administrative and support staff from public universities per annum.

President Museveni ordered last year (2014) that salaries for lecturers be raised to enable, a professor, the highest ranking officer, walk home with at least Shs 15 million a month.

Earlier this month of July, Makerere University vice chancellor Prof. John Ssentamu Ddumba said the institution doesn’t have money to clear its staff’s outstanding allowances amounting to Shs9 billion for the last three months; and thus couldn’t commit to increasing incentives for non teaching staff.


In 2013, Makerere university council, the highest decision making organ, adopted a resolution to increase staff salaries by 70 per cent using internal generated funds, breaking a standoff that had paralyzed the institution’s operations for two weeks.

Earlier in April, 2015, Non-teaching staff in all the public universities across the country gave the government until the end of this financial year to increase their salaries, or they lay down their tools.

Their demands followed the government’s decision to increase pay for only teaching staff in all the public universities.

The non-teaching staff claim that in the recent planning indicative figures to all the universities, the finance ministry only made salary increment to the teaching staff, leaving out the administrative and support staff out of the proposed increment.

This comes only two weeks to the opening of the new semester. The semester opens on 15th August with Freshers Orientation and the continuing students reporting on 23rd August 2015.

President Museveni just been received at Makerere University. To preside over closing of Security awareness. He pledged to increase the Lecturers pay

President Museveni just been received at Makerere University. To preside over closing of Security awareness. He pledged to increase the Lecturers pay


What happened to report about Makerere University Awarding 600 Fake Degrees


Prof Mondo Kagonyera the Makerere Chancellor

Makerere University authorities are investigating circumstances under which 600 of the 12,000 students that graduated last month made it to the graduation list without meeting the minimum academic requirements.

Our Snoops have learnt that the 600 students were not cleared by their respective colleges for graduation, due to a number of factors; which include among others, accumulating retakes. As a result, these students bribed their way to the graduation list.

An investigation was instituted by the Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs Prof Okello Ogwang after some lecturers complained of not approving students who featured on the final graduation list.

The probe will be looking out for; who handles the results at what level, how examination marks are entered into the system, and the circumstances under which results change.

It is also expected to review the list of cases of irregularities, the list of students who retook courses, students discontinued and those that appealed for remarking, whose requests were granted.

The college principals on the spot include Humanities, Computing and Information Sciences, Engineering, Design, Art and Technology.

The Probe has also put the college of education and external studies on standby for the degree mill that has taken strong root at Uganda’s hitherto best University.

At the time of filing this report, an investigation team headed by Dr. Venny Nakazibwe  was locked up in a meeting at the College of  Humanities and Social Sciences(CHUSS), probing how over 300 students of the college graduated without meeting the minimum requirements.

A number of correspondences, copies of which our reporters have obtained indicate that the Probe Chairperson Dr Nakazibwe has for instance demanded to know from Prof Edward Kirumira, the CHUSS Principal, the circumstances under which the results were altered.

“We need college or school minutes that verified semester II 2013/ 2014 results and the graduation lists as required by senate at its special meeting held in November 2014,” the letter to the head of humanities reads in part.

With much unease, Prof Okello-Ogwang confirmed the scandal. He however said the committee was put up after realizing a need to review how results and exams are conducted.

“I have asked the committee to visit all the colleges and find out the challenges they face such that we come up with the short term, midterm and may be long term way of handling.  We don’t have all the facts, that’s why we have a committee going around,” Prof Okello-Ogwang said.

Another senior don at the university revealed to our snoops on condition of anonymity that many of the results are doctored by secretaries in exchange for hefty bribes. Students part with between Ugx 2 – 4m to have their results altered in order to graduate.

“A college secretary doesn’t earn more than shs 500,000 but it surprises that they drive cars worth over shs 80 million and you wonder where they get all this money.

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Student collapses after missing out on Makerere University Admission list


main buildngA student was rushed to hospital after reportedly collapsing at the senate building, Makerere University last week.

According to an eye witness, a lady who went to the university after the academic registrar released lists of successful students who had applied for admission to the country’s best university; but collapsed when she did not find her name on the admission list.

“At 10:50am last week on Thursday 17th July 2015, we were approached by a lady who wanted to check her name on the notice board, but because the notice boards were congested, she requested us to search for her name online which we couldn’t find. The female student was treated very badly with the unwelcoming news. When she collapsed, we had to rush her to the University hospital for treatment.”

Makerere University last week released the long anticipated admission lists where 17,002 students were admitted for the academic year 2015-2016.

This year’s admission has gone under severe cuts with a reduction in the number of students admitted compared to last academic year’s 21,000.

Meanwhile a big number of students have been addressed this Monday morning by the officials from the academic registrars over the procedure on how to access the admission letters.

Over fifty students stormed senate this morning with complaints on why they were not admitted to the oldest public university when they had all the qualifications.


Meet Makerere University’s GRC Simon Peter who no longer attends Church

Wankandya Simon Peter is Makerere university’s Guild Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister and a former religious prefect who has abandoned going to church but wants to become Ugandan President in 2036; Davidson Ndyabahika writes.

Wankandya Simon Peter is School of Law Guild representative councilor (GRC) at Makerere university.
Wankandya Simon Peter is School of Law Guild representative councilor (GRC) at Makerere university.

Born in Mengo in 1993, Wankandya Simon Peter commonly referred to as WASP, attended Top care primary school in Mukono, Namilyango College in Mukono before being admitted to Makerere University for a Bachelor of law.

In his high school, Wasp served as a sanitary prefect as well as a religious prefect in S.2; and a class councilor before becoming a senior Library prefect. Wankandya also participated in clubs while at school like wild life, Entertainment, Rugby, Scouts, and football club.

Reveals his first Sosh: Having attended Namilyango, just like other traditional schools, Wankandya was impressed by the sosh dances at school. He confesses having had his first sosh in S.4 something which he says opened his eyes. He later participated in organizing one while in S.5 at Trinity College Nabbingo.

Joins Politics at Makerere University: Prior to his election as GRC (School of Law), Wankandya contested with little success as Makerere Law Society (MLS) President where he lost to Rt. Hon. Yamurebire Jothan. “I tried my luck as president law school last year (2014) I lost. That’s the time I came into the political scene at Makerere University.”

Despite losing that position, he didn’t give up as the future seemed fruitful for him. He started laying strategies for his future political life at oldest public university in Uganda.

“After losing, I still maintained my friends- kept on interacting with them and some people motivated me to stand for guild president,” said Wankandya.

He adds; “I wanted to be guild president but as time went on, people started to tell me that I should cut off my hair. That some students would not like it.”

Wankandya Simon Peter being sworn in
Wankandya Simon Peter being sworn in

Refuses to chop hair, fore goes guild presidency: With huge pressure amounting from friends who wanted him to shave his hair in case he became a guild president, Wasp remained himself.

“It seemed like I was turning out to be like most politicians, who do not believe in themselves and my team was busy and they couldn’t get up to the task. Most of them were novices at the university politics. But I insisted my hair was my freedom.”

His hair leaves everyone with unanswered questions, he however says that’s his choice. “Some people criticize me over my hair, some condemn me but that doesn’t affect me. I don’t mind about people’s opinions. Because I am who I am?”

Inspired to serve as a GRC: Wankandya decided to join politics at GRC level to improve welfare of his people, bring developmental projects to them and ensure students’ leadership is felt among university administration.

“After dropping the guild presidential ambitions, I decided to serve Makerere University because there were so many lacunas in the constitution and I felt I should take part in the guild to make some changes in the policies of the institution. So I decided to take on the GRC position. Policy making and making it felt among students,” said Wankandya.

Among the seven people he defeated was former GRC school of Mitchell hall Hon. Brian Katana, Mr. Tandeka Brian, Mr. Tusubira Grace Mark, Mr. Mugisha Bruce and Ms. Aboto Judith.

He says while it was a competitive race, he trounced the opponents and came as the first runner-up.

“Given the fact that I was a senior citizen in the school, many of the students believed in me and still I had a strong team to campaign for me,” Wasp noted.

He adds; “I think my hair contributed to my winning, because it was unique and people loved it.”

He used to market himself and this coupled with his manifesto, helped him defeat his opponents.

He says so far in line with his docket as minister, they have achieved some things; “I nominated the legal advisor to the guild, and then I got a team of hardworking men acquainted with the law to work with to have a conducive guild constitution.”

When asked how he managed to become a minister of all GRCs in the house, he notes that he was very unique and this enabled him not to lobby for the ministry.

“You see, you can tell gold when it’s gold, I think the president was wise to see gold in me and appointed me,”Wankandya said.

Wankandya currently heads the committee for justice and constitutional affairs in the 81st guild of Makerere University. And with many Lacunas in the guild constitution, Wasp hopes to resurrect it through constructive amendments.

“Formerly, the amendments were only restricted in the house, and they would sometimes not be recorded and sent to council for amendment. But now, I am to constitute a commission to traverse the constitution. And we shall give a final report about the review of the constitution.”

His social life: Wasp knows and appreciates love, when asked about his love life, he smiles heartily and the gesture on his face tells it all.

WASP with a colleague at a party
WASP with a colleague at a party

“I have a girlfriend. And her details are not for public interest,” he finally out pours the heavy confession.

Wankandya is a unique figure who doesn’t go to church, “I don’t go to church because I think I can understand my God even if I don’t go there. And more so some religious leaders have dirty hands.”

Wankandya Simon Peter who is also serving as Secretary General, Uganda Young democrats (UYD) Makerere university; wants to become a President of Uganda in 2036.

Wasp and colleagues at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi . They had gone for training as crime preventors
Wasp and colleagues at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi . They had gone for training as crime preventors

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