Hon Kabafunzaki, the People of Rwamucucu Stand with you

Yesterday, some “ungrateful” Ugandans protested our investors in Nakasero for hawking. Ungrateful because they never know the role of our modern investors especially on the road to the middle income status, the protest got me thinking who is qualified to hawk and who is not. All citizens must agree that if we are all of us going to deliver our country to the middle income status, we need to allow hawking investors to teach us how to do business on the streets of Kampala. Perhaps that is how they succeeded.

My boda boda chap, called Ssalongo, this time around is from one of the lucrative centers in Katanga has his origins in the Kigezi region in the south western part of the country. My contract with him is to take me to Nakasero, it was just a tip off by a tweep that downtown hardware traders had had their tempers flare. Along the way our conversation is largely a fortune of being a Ugandan minister. Ssalongo says he is proud of the embattled State Minister for Labor, Employment and Industrial Relations Hon. Herbert Kabafunzaki for his brevity. “We Bakiga never settle for less,” he says. Adding that; “Kabafunzaki was working for his voters.”

I therefore stand with Bakiga and the Rwamucucu people in particular to congratulate Hon. Herbert Kabafunzaki upon a heroic move to direct an investor. Those who think we can reach the middle income status without investors must be guided.   Just in case someone feels offended as you are trying to look for salt and school fees for your children, we think those “little faults” are everywhere. There isn’t a man living who has got no peccadilloes: Heaven made him so, let those free-thinkers say what they like. Atakikolangako akasuke ejinja. Nyabirerema, Nyakasiru, Karorwa, Kyogo, Kibanda, Rutengye people still love you. They content you were setup. Just because it was not in billions, that is why you’re being gagged. It should have been more than that at least for we know the number of road blocks , security checks that one must brave to statehouse.

Hon. Kabafunzaki Herbert. Cartoon by Chris Ogon/ Daily Monitor

I associate myself with the people of Mparo village, Rwamucucu Sub-County in Kabale District where you are born. I also stand with the voters of Rukiga County upon your breakthrough as a first timer, minister. We congratulate you upon following the script. When you were appointed, as voters of Rukiga expect, you should be have a mansion. You should construct malls in all growing towns and you should have land all these are the social needs. It is your turn to “eat” why should people think you are not entitled to eating yet you’re meagerly paid.


We know you were set up by some unpatriotic Ugandans. Those who don’t know how hard it is to meet the president, are heckling and rubbishing your transport refund/ facilitation to lead the investor to the president. The same shameless people go around telling your voters that you are greedy. As if they don’t know how hard it is to reach the president. Forgive them for they don’t know what they are talking about.

You have made the people of Rwamucucu proud of you. Who knew a village called Rwamucucu, thank you for joining the league of hard workers! We no doubt have always known you for being a selfless, God fearing man. Who knows whether the 5million shillings were meant to construct a local church in Nyakagabagaba.

Your voters shall indeed give you another Kisanja for being a good representative. What if you were courting the Aya brothers to fund the Rwamucucu pads for girls’ campagn? We know government has said lately that it has no money to buy sanitary pads for the little school going kids.

We are sorry that your gracefulness has been taken for granted. Maybe the His Excellency could have given you a handshake for cleaning the investors’ name. Blame your love for ‘investors’ to create a good environment for our beloved investors so that when they are investing in hawking pipes, tiles and making chapatti they can “feel at home”.

We ‘sober’ Ugandans indeed stand with you, just like social media fans have vehemently stood with Maama Stella in Luzira. Those freethinkers don’t know that in the East African region you are one of the poorest paid as members of parliament. Who said that a country preparing for middle income status needs a state minister who only earns a monthly pay of just Shs25 million?

We the tax payers know you received a one off car grant of Shs103 million, but we fell and think that is just peanuts. And by the way, for those hecklers, do they know how much fuel you spend to check on your loyal voters in the hilly Rukiga County with impassable roads? Maybe they think only Shs4.5 million; mileage facilitation is enough for a minister of Kabafunzaki caliber? Why should Ugandans think that the Shs3.2 million you receive every month as constituency facilitation is enough for all your voters? You have to give back to community, to thank them for making you closer to the national cake.
Hon. Minister, there were rumors in corridors that you don’t pay taxes as MPs. Let those hecklers, and unpatriotic Ugandans know that you receive only Shs2.6 million as your monthly taxable salary. And that you have never defaulted paying taxes. Of all the people you have to take care of, why would anyone think that your subsistence allowance which is just about Shs1 million is enough. Does anyone know how important a honorable member is, we know members of parliament among other things is lobby for your voters. Why would they think that only Shs50, 000 per sitting in a parliamentary committee where you put your valuable time would be enough? They don’t know that just by spending that committee time where you will only earn 50,000, you can fruitfully use it to meet an investor, of Aya’s caliber and pocket 5million just in a flash of a second. They don’t know that even if you add the plenary sitting allowances of 50, ooo per sitting, you will have to wait for a year to raise the money like what Aya is presenting.
Shs9 million per month for Social Security Benefits is not enough. Any serious hard-working gentleman like you will have to dine with investors to see how to improve on your security benefits; voters commend you for the brevity. Can you imagine someone thinks a minister only can require just about Shs1 million as town running allowance. Don’t they know the traffic jam experience and the hefty fees boda boda riders charge one especially if they know you are honorable? How mean can we Ugandans be? If Paul Ojambo of URA can be given Shs29.5million to photocopy and work beyond 5 o’clock in the famous 6bn handshake, why not 5million for a minister to direct an investor to statehouse?
When you go to Rwamucucu, you must indeed appear like a honorable member. While you are given wardrobe advance (loan) of up to Shs50 million why wait for the money to accumulate a lot of interest yet some investors can help fundraise for you to settle the debts? They say you were given a free iPad costing Shs2.6 million, does of those critics know the maintenance cost of an iPad? How many Ugandans have seen an iPad? If people in Rukiga county must spend hefty sums of money on phone charging deep down in Omwineero or in Buchundura because of lack of electricity, how about when their honorable member is home? Do they expect you not to have power banks that can help the people Nozi when you go to visit them?
Indeed it must be the opposition FDC that set you up in a hotel to soil your relationship with mzee. They want him to forget how you strategically sought for Mzee’s 2021 support at Kamwezi in Rukiga County. We stand with you in all situations.



Ugandan Music Hero: Madoxx Sematimba the Ugandan reggae Master

MadoxxI could eat the air and drink the music, so heady is the fragrance of the saffron rice and the melody of the reggae music. The sun is hot in a way that dries the soil underfoot and warms everything one touches from the wooden table to the metal cups. As a way of celebrating the life of a living artiste, and being  heroes day today, I choose to celebrate this guy.

Listening to the lyrics of a one Madoxx, swimming through one’s cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream. The relaxing reggae note enables the songs to call ones entire being

Listening to his music dancing out of the instruments in a swinging rhythm, my foot begins to tap and my head equally nods and sways. The sax, the guitar, all deep as soul soothing, sweet as honey pie is what culturally will bring out Sematimba’s outstandingly wit, social appeal and enviable music arrangement. It is music soothing the soul in a deep manner and awakens it to social causes.

With a simple and straightforward demeanor, the Ugandan roots reggae musician David Amon Ssemanda Ssematimba through his Luganda ballads manages to sing about love, unity, social justice, peace and everyday issues in songs such as Irene, Tukolagane, Omwami N’omukyala, Kampala, Come Let’s Rock.

He one of the few musicians whose music hit the airwaves in early 2000s and mostly with a high background in the high life of music. The present day Ugandan musicians are reaping big from his unique love for what he does best, music. All he deserves is to be celebrated and appreciated for the efforts of yesterday is what the today industry is reaping from.


Maddoxx with Steve Keys and Navio. They recently thrilled funs during a Roast and Rhyme event at Munyonyo

Madoxx is a Kampala city born eclectic reggae singer, song-writer, composer with a strong message of love, social causes, African identity and history. He was born in 1972 in Kampala where he was brought up and this could be the reason he sang about Kampala when he was away in Sweden.  He went to Makonzi Boarding Primary School and Busoga College Mwiri. Before choosing a path in music, Ssematimba worked as a primary school teacher. He relocated to StockholmSweden in 1991, when he was 21 years old. He breezed on the local scene in 1998, with the single Tukolagane (Let’s join hands and work together), unfortunately dancehall reggae, or ragga had taken its toll on the locals. 

His music did not sell a lot at the time because the entire country was listening to fast-paced Congolese Soukous, new age cross-ιfertilized Kadongokamu, Ugandan and western pop. Ugandans were also listening (and still listen) to a new brand of Ugandan ragga, where the young heathens don’t praise Jah, all they want is sex and vanity. However after spawning mega hits like Namagembe, Munnakyalo, Ddembe, Omukwano, e.t.c thousands of copies were sold, it became the most popular album of the year 2002 where his Namagembe hit was dubbed song of the year. 

In his lyrics, Namagembe, All time lover and Nakatudde, he manages to get lovers warm up to the dance floor and for the lonely to feel the weight of not being loved. In an emotive surrender, he will delicately strum the guitar that every string’s sound is as clear as the previous one. Ssematimba is one of Uganda’s uniquely gifted artistes. The 44 year old and a father of two Christopher Ssemanda and Melody Ssemanda from his ex lover Eva Linek recently headlined an even dubbed Roast & Rhyme at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo.

The 5th July Sunday event was a fusion of good music from outstanding star performances from Steve Keys, Maddox Sematimba, and Navio among others, with great company and mouth watering BBQ at the lakeside attracted many city dwellers who thronged the place for Nyama Choma.  mado3

According to revelers, the Uganda’s legendary reggae musician Maddox Sematimba is slowly but steadily getting his groove back on as he continues to land more gigs. The Namagembe singer had been bruised by booze, police and negative media stories that followed the end of his relationship with a white lover.

Madoxx’s life had been messed after the family break and  this involved bouncing him at shows and clubs, facing arrests day in day out and being caned by goons around town.mado5

Maddox was inspired to join music because of the family music bond. His sister was a choir mistress, singer and instrumentalist with Jesus Worship Centre. A brother called Alex Kaweesi led a Gospel band. While growing up, Maddoxx used to startle Kampala suburbs playing his accordion, mouth organ and guitar. mado1

He is a down-to-earth dude who loves to make everyone around him happy. Living abroad for over a decade often makes many people very pompous. They also tend to acquire a velvety English accent. Sorry. No fanciful airs with Madoxx Ssematimba.  While some artistes impose themselves through releasing numerous songs to stay in the limelight, Maddox remains on the scene with his few but polished songs. Madox-Ssemadimba-honor-guests-after-performance

After Namagembe released in 2000, Maddox’s latest reggae album Abato (2006) which comprises Nakatudde, Nga Olabye, Wa Nsonyi, Leka Nkulage, Kabiite, Come Let’s Rock, All Time Lover, Easy, Fed Up, Won’t Give Up, Kampala and the title track Abato is one to reckon with. Abato is a blend of rock reggae with Bakisimba drumbeats. In Abato Maddox pleads to the grown-ups to respect and love the young ones. 

Photo Credit: Katumba Badru

Fresh eyes: what can journalists learn from musicians?

This is an important piece especially for Art journalists globally. Multimedia is the way to go. if any journalist want to put out a story of a musician in a multimedia form, it is very important for them to ensure bringing together all multimedia forms to ensure someone appreciates a well packaged story.

Adam Westbrook // ideas on digital storytelling and publishing

What happens when you ask a film maker or a musician about the future of journalism? What skills can the next generation journalist learn from a branding expert? As part of Fresh Eyes experts in non-journalism fields cast their eye over the digital revolution and offer their wisdom.

Christopher Ave, musician

Christopher runs the excellent Music for Media blog where he profiles great examples of music being used in multimedia pieces and shares advice on how to do it. A life long musician himself, Christopher is also a journalist with the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

Music and Journalism

Many if not most of us journalists who create content for the web came from a print background. Naturally, we are most concerned with quotes and images — things we can see.

Things we can hear? Not so much.

So when I talk about using music in a journalistic multimedia project, I often…

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Eritrea Hoax: Thigh Power; Inside a Ugandan teen’s mind

I wish I was Eritrean:

“If Eros of the sweet soul and Cyprian Aphrodite imbue our thighs and breasts with desire, and infect the men with sensuous rigidity and bouts of truncheonitis, then I believe all Greece will one day call us Disbanders of Battles,” Lysistrata.

The line in the play shows another way that the women can have power over the men: through their ability to arouse sexual desire. After the successful venture by women in Greece, men were successfully gripped by painful erections, men retreated and war was over. Could this be the same with Ugandan men?

Social media globally has been stuffed with frenzy debates about the alleged new law by the Eritrean government to compel its male citizens to marry 2 women or face jail. eretria

The strange news that broke from the Kenya-based Standard Digital Media as an Entertainment story with the said Eritrean “New Marriage Law” has been received by men globally with much verve than real news.

The Ugandan digital media aged wannabe’s spread the rumor further indeed confirming that Eritrea was a proper landing place for the soul searching Ugandans.

Online sites have reported about a memo “alleged” that confirmed reports hence, “activists have posted a memo allegedly by the Government of Eritrea asking men to marry at least two wives due to acute shortage of men occasioned by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia.”

The contents in the memo alludes to Aristophaness’ political satire of an attempt by women of Greece to stop the madness (war). Incidentally, the alleged men scarcity in Eritrea is due to the civil war between Eritrea and Ethiopia that led to the perishing of 150,000 soldiers. erit

It is noted that the tiny Eritrea (about 4 million people) suffer stagnation as majority of the country’s women sexually starve.

Earlier today, Danny T. asocial media enthusiast posted on twitter revealing how the craze had hit Uganda.

The hoax brought on board Ugandan feminists on the defensive when they saw majority men expressing interest in grabbing Visas for the bonking offer.

My colleague, a female working with a certain firm in town hurried to post this afternoon that the Eritrean government had clarified that the directive relating to 2nd wives was strictly for Eritrean nationals only. And therefore any foreigner who wanted to marry an Eritrean girl had to serve in the army for 5 years first.

Eritrea’s “new marriage law” leaves the youthful population in Uganda drooling and wishing the law was Ugandan.

For that reason, “if my friends ask you where I am, be kind enough to tell them, I am off for Eritrea. Bye all my Exes.”

Perezi Rumanzi a journalism prodigy shaking up Ntungamo District news reporting

Pose: I look like I’m screaming here, but really I just quietly posed with my mouth wide open in mock-shock fashion because, edgy.

Pose: I look like I’m screaming here, but really I just quietly posed with my mouth wide open in mock-shock fashion because, edgy.

Meet Daily Monitor’s Ntungamo Reporter whose photo poses will shock you.

Everybody has got one somewhere under lock and key – or maybe they display it proudly on the wall.

Huh: You may take my Myspace, but you will never take my Myspace angles.

Huh: You may take my Myspace, but you will never take my Myspace angles.

This blog has released a superb batch of pictures from a celebrated journalist that you would probably rather forget, just in time for the Christmas holidays for you to smile.

On stage, we just want to generate hysteria. We don't care about looking cool or posing.

On stage, we just want to generate hysteria. We don’t care about looking cool or posing.

There are action shots of Rumanzi falling into ponds and over barriers, extraordinary outfits and plenty of embarrassing and we wonder who really should know better.

OMG! Just a friendly reminder that I’m relationship and you’re not.

OMG! Just a friendly reminder that I’m relationship and you’re not.

In my photographs it is apparent that there was no posing at the moment I released the shutter.

In my photographs it is apparent that there was no posing at the moment I released the shutter.


FASHONISTA: I spent over an hour in my bedroom taking this photo from various angles before uploading this one and I’m still questioning whether I made the right choice.

FASHIONISTA: I spent over an hour in my bedroom taking this photo from various angles before uploading this one and I’m still questioning whether I made the right choice.

POSE: Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?

GO FORWARD: Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?

I LOVE TIES: And I usually use myself as a model, posing in front of a mirror as I dab the strokes on the canvas.

I LOVE TIES: And I usually use myself as a model, posing in front of a mirror as I dab the strokes on the canvas.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes — this photo is older than you are.

ON JOB: I know what you’re thinking, and yes — this photo is older than you are.

I find standing and posing for photos very awkward.HERE, I look nothing like this in real life

I find standing and posing for photos very awkward.HERE, I look nothing like this in real life

HALLOO: Mr. Rumanzi taking keen interest in the phone call. I look nothing like this in real life

HALLOO: Mr. Rumanzi taking keen interest in the phone call. I look nothing like this in real life

How to behave when given a lift to/from village this Christmas season:


  1. Keep time
  2. Don’t put your arms on the window like a boss
  3. If the owner is traveling with his family, take a back seat. Don’t jostle for the front seat with the wife.
  4. Don’t turn yourself into a D.J. if he has tuned to Radio west/Buddu FM or Kirinya FM don’t switch to your favourite FM
  5. Ask before you roll the window down, It may be faulty
  6. If you notice the car owner is traveling with a woman other than wife, don’t start asking him how his family is doing it might be that the car owner told the young lady that he is single.
  7. Avoid stupid questions like “how much does a car like this cost”
  8. Don’t turn the car into a pick up so that you go buying charcoal, potatoes, boiled bananas etc along the road. Did you hire the car?
  9. Note: not all hitch-hickers journeys end at GPO, Accept to alight anywhere. 10. Carry appropriate items. Don’t carry chicken, duck, puppy, tonto etc lest you leave your clans man car dirty
  10. Before you hitch a lift ensure you bathe and don’t eat a cocktail of all manner of food e.g a mixed meal of Mputa and eggs means you will be belching in your clansman car throughout the journey
  11. Don’t rear a snake in your pocket (meaning don’t be too stingy or fear digging deep into your pocket) Even if you are broke, you can buy roasted maize for others in the car to enjoy I Rest My Case.

Source: WhatsApp

Makerere’s Afande Mucunguzi Celebrate Year in Marriage

Happy Anniversary to Jackson and Wycklyn


ROMANTIC: Afande Mucunguzi and best half Nagasha

 By Davidson Ndyabahika

MAKERERE: Well, there’s no secret about how Mucunguzi Jackson and Nagasha Wycklyn have spent their 1st wedding anniversary.

The two were married on December 6, 2014, at St. Francis Chapel in Makerere. Mucunguzi has today showered his wife sweet social media tribute accompanied by sharing photos of him expressing love to her.


PARENT: Mucunguzi with children

Mucunguzi emphasized that his marriage was the right one since he married a true friend as he cannot be tempted to cheat irrespective of the temptations.

“Marriage is a Holly revolution that needs revolutionary methods of work both in light and darkness, you must marry your good friend not a mere partner,” Makerere’s Chief Security Officer said in a face book post.

He later vowed to the wife how he has been faithful that even if he calls a press conference, no girl would come.

“At least I can address a press conference that there is girl in campus I had ever inconvenienced show and genuinely no one can show up not that I’m neither tempted nor unable but because I married my dear friend and ever with a college what if!!!lol,” He added.Jeff

The regularly affectionate Mucunguzis received numerous messages from family friends that this news site has learnt.

According to Brian Atuheire, the Mucunguzis have been a source of comfort whenever he has a problem.

“I met Nagasha because I had known Mucunguzi prior. Nagasha was always on my case on how a young man of my calibre should never be involved in women. Up to now whenever I am heartbroken their home is always my comfort. Love is great a year is almost like a day,” Said Atuheire.jackson

Salim Katumba in his message described the Mucunguzis as the most respectable police officer.

“Happy anniversary to one of the only policeman I know in Uganda, that respects the law, respects his uniform and respects the institution he serves. Happy anniversary Afande Mucunguzi Japheth Jeff Jackson and my dear lord reward you heavily and bless your family,” Said Katumba.

One of the social media gurus, a Mitchelite, Toko Godwin envied the couple saying that he would love to be like them when he grows up.

“We’ll keep praying for the day, we will wish you a happy anniversary as the Inspector General of Police Uganda well knowing the values you stand for, values Uganda needs dearly! When I grow up…I want to be like you Mucunguzi Japheth Jeff Jackson…”said Godwin Toko

*****Happy Anniversary Afande Mucunguzi*****



Letter from Kivulu: President Museveni 2 Million Malwa Donation sparks off fight at Bar

So as the rest of Ugandans were still jubilating on how the 2016 campaign for the February general elections, bar attendants at Opiyo’s bar in Makerere Kivulu engaged in a heated debate on how the 2 million shillings would help kick poverty out Uganda.


The self appointed chairman at the bar who is known to be a Mini-star at the country’s oldest university holds 2 liter jar of Chibuku; he shakes it well and sips before he clears the air to open the discussion.

Mini-star: You are welcome comrades, enjoy your stresses off, these end of semester examinations are a killer. My girl friend chucked me because I did not bring her here.

Mucoori: (Giggles) Konka Mini-star what do you mean? Yes exams are stressing but how do you bring your girlfriend affairs in this Kibuku land? Weeza Opiyo fill for me a jug, I goofed on the last number, may be this lecturer will sympathise with me since I brought him Nsenene yesterday.

A man in a black shirt passes, inserts a coin in the Juke Box, a song starts playing “Besigye anaingia, Towa Basi yako Tunataka Kifunguo” the lyrics go by and the whole bar gets up. Meanwhile two of our colleagues have not arrived from Kikoni.


All of a sudden, Mambo Leo enters with his unbuttoned shirt holding a Jerry can of Mkomboti, Fr. Mugimba (who works with Red Pepper) follows with a sachet of Kitoko, heavily sipping.


Mambo Leo: Mini-star Kapyaki? Hope you saw our crowds today in Amudat? You know we are steadily progressing. Our party chairman has announced new programs for us me and you here. And Opio will be among the first beneficially since he hosts us. President has promised to give each village 2 million shillings provided you have Malwa drinking clubs.

Fr. Mugimba: (Jolly) Yes, yes Mambo Leo, tell them. I sink our group here qualifies. But before, we shall need to make these people cross to our party, bring their party cards and T-shirts so that we know they ready to support us.

Mucoori: Of all the things you come here to tell us nonsense? Why can’t you save us tax payers? My girlfriend today was complaining that she doesn’t have money to plait her Chinese hair. That money should have been brought long time ago and we chew it. You know this government is almost gone. Mbabazi is the man to support.

Mini-star: eh eh eh! Mama yangu! This babe is hot. We! So ojje, bambi how are you?

Museveni malwa

Fr. Mugimba (his eyes wide open): Mini-star we shall publish your escapades and sex tapes, we are talking business here, leave that whore to go. Do you know how many men have slept on her?

Mambo Leo: Gwe fara Mugimba stop your malice. Let our Mini loving minister enjoy the fruits of his work. Wamma Mini-Star go on, that is a steady progress. Make sure you don’t get a retake in it.

Mucoori: Guys, I am still puzzled by Museveni’s promise of 2 million shillings per village. Where would he get the money from? Minister tell us

Mini-Star: (reluctantly let go the woman) well, come again! Oh okay, you know guys, in Uganda, we have a minimum average of 60 villages per sub county and we have 1382 sub counties. This means that across the country, we have about 8292o villages. This requires a tune of about 1.6 trillion shillings to meet the president’s promise. Do you guys want to believe this?

Mucoori: Eh Eh! You mean it is that much? But the government can be deceiving. Now where does Mzee want to get all that money from? You see, our children told us that their teachers will not give them reports because they have not received salaries.

Mini-star: (As he shakes his Chibuku to take his last sip) you guys need to look into this with an intellectual brain. You remember this last week we were not to do exams because our lecturers wanted their incentives and that government had failed to pay them in time. Is that the steady progress Mambo Leo?

Fr. Mugimba: Of course, that’s how Museveni wins an election; you know Museveni does not have votes in towns, so this is one of his tactics of winning villagers.

Mambo Leo: What? Mugimba I told you not to disclose our secret, now you are spilling the secrets. (Jumping up to grab Mugimba, mini-star intervenes)

Mini-Star: You guys, this is not your home, we are here to look for solutions for our poverty in Uganda. You know Mambo Leo you have a paper at 8:00 am , don’t fight.

Fr. Mugimba: You see me I don’t joke with anyone, let me even tune in to Tamale Mirundi, (he remembers that Mirundi was fired and he resorts to his sachet) I will crush you Mambo Leo, I told you from the start that I am for Go forward. I don’t want you to tell me again you movement.

(Power blacks out, Opio Orders all bar attendants to take leave)

Opio: You see guys before you destroy everything here; People need value addition not money for Malwa You have been my customers ever since you joined university have you been drinking Museveni money?. Something seems to be getting wrong with the President. He promises anything.exam

Mini-star: Comrades, I think this will be the best way to kick out poverty from our stomachs. This new model as employed by His Excellency is different from that one of sacks and envelops that we recently saw from Busoga offered to youth. This is the best opportunity that we will ever live to tell our grand children about the free goodies of the NRM government.

The bar closes with members endorsing a move to start an association of Kavule Chibuku Drinking Association (KCDA) and the Mini-star promises to publicize it in all platforms so that it is known to the president so that when the president is giving the offertory in thanking us for our rewards of February 18, 2016, we have a good ground to be known.


#BAYIMBA2015: A must attend festival


The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts returns to the National Theatre Kampala Uganda for its annual go-round in the 8th Edition on September 18-20, 2015, albeit from much smaller form to bigger event. Gone is the idling, along with many of the after shows, which will now be concentrated at the theatre. But even scaled-back, #BAYIMBA2015 offers amply big thrills.fr

The beauty about this year’s is that it will have various live music bands from the East African region.

The #BAYIMBA2015 is undoubtedly Uganda’s number one festival – physically, by offering exciting artistic experiences to all audiences; artistically, by presenting Uganda’s finest artists and upcoming talents from across the country; demographically, by engaging as many Ugandans as possible, thus making the Bayimba International Festival their own; and organizationally, by being led by a team of committed, passionate and experienced Ugandans.she


What to expect:


On Friday 18th Sept.


At the opening of the festival, the audience in a standing ovation will be thrown into heebie-jeebies of Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba Namagembe and Nakatude lyrics. After his exhilarating return to the stage in 2014, This Ugandan reggae musician who sings in Luganda will take the stage on day one (Friday 18) as the opening act.


On Sunday 20th Sept.


Naava Grey, a multi-talented Ugandan singer, lyricist and performer passionately will lay within genres such as Ganda folklore, rock and RnB creating a neo afro-pop vibe and very distinctive sound to the splendid audience.


As usual, don’t forget the breathtaking poignant performance from Mozey Radio and Weasel. The duo will be putting their best of it at the festival.


Just listen to their music and be classy, be in the mood of this year’s festival.


Come and feel the naturalness and true sounds of the guitar from live bands from across the region.


Listen to classy music, be classy and feel good

Times when Journalists become English Teachers

lubwama1Not long ago, I used to think English was just a walk over. But English is not food. With many Ugandans, English indeed is not our mother language. As someone rightly said; “English is not our mother land.”

Not all is well with our Ugandan stars the “so called Ugandan Celebs”, although Lubwama tops the list, Eddy Kenzo, Azion, Gravity, are also on the list.

Upon his return from England, Obi Okwonkwo is secured a position in the civil service, given a car, money and respect.
At the same time however, he seems to be making constant mistakes because of what he has learned to be like, what he has come to understand, and what he never learned.

For instance, when Obi first arrives, he is given a reception by Umuofian Progressive Union at which he makes several mistakes.kato

One he has forgotten to act in his home or simply doesn’t agree with its ways; he wears a short sleeved shirt and sees nothing wrong with it for its hot, and he speaks casually in English, instead of the kind of heavy English that Umuofians admire in the president of the union. This is how Chinua Achebe’s “No Longer at Ease” began.

In the book,“… Everybody expected a young man from England to be impressively turned out…” but he simply is not.

As fate would have it, the Bulange based Ugandan prolific comedian and actor Kato Lubwama falls victim of the Whiteman’s language. This time his is the inverted “is” and “was” English.

The outspoken comedians recently quit DP politics arguing that they have exploited him in using his brand and are rather not democratic.

kato-lubwama3As quoted by Red pepper online on May 29th, Lubwama says: “DP politics is too dirty and yet you are always using your money using your money you are expected to do a lot of work and nobody facilitates you. Instead people expect money from you,” said Lubwama.

However, in an interview with NTV, Lubwama is making comedy out of comedy, his latest release of a clip about Democracy…

Lubwama is throwing social media users into laughers by failing to express himself on TV. Do we say, he was also Camera shy? No!!

As the name sounds, I want it to sound, the actions to be … what can I say?… the name must sound uhhmm.
“The democracy, the name Democratic Party must appear as it sound”

VERDICT: Any way no one can understand how a man of “his education” can run short of vocabulary.
Make sure you accuse him not, for everyone is guilty of similar transgressions.

#pedestrian thinking


Edrisa Musuuza, known professionally by his stage name Eddy Kenzo

Aziz Mukasa, popularly know by his stage name Aziz Azion is a Ugandan R&B singer-songwriter and musician.

Aziz Mukasa, popularly know by his stage name Aziz Azion is a Ugandan R&B singer-songwriter and musician.