Apparently the 11 MPS who have joined Besigye on the fundraiser for MUK lecturers

Apparently the 11 MPS who have joined Besigye on the fundraiser for MUK lecturers

I really don’t want to sound harsh or rude in any way on our MPS but hey, stop your comedy. We are not interested in your populist politics. Help people get out of poverty. Encourage people to work not always demand money from them.

I have just heard that 11 Members of Parliament have joined the Mr. Besigye in a move to raise money to pay Lecturers incentives. What a comedy by the government and the president in waiting!

You guys tuswaara please forgive us. Give us a break please. Do these MPs have any moral authority to claim to be interested in the affairs of Makerere University? Where were they before the country’s largest and best University was being closed?

Are they not ashamed that it is the same MPs who have on several occasions said they need their salaries exempted from taxes?

These Members of Parliament are too selfish. On April 18, the Uganda Law Society (ULS) an umbrella body for professional lawyers in Uganda wrote to President Yoweri Museveni requesting him not to assent to the Income Tax Bill in which Members of Parliament voted to exempt their allowances from tax.

My friend Mr. Gimara Francis the new ULS president signed a document which had an argument that every Ugandan has an obligation to pay taxes irrespective of their standing in the country. Remember it is through these taxes that the government can be able to raise money to ably sustain and pay for professors at our country’s public Universities.

But what does one expect from a parliament full of people some of whom have been challenged through courts of law over lack of academic qualifications? Some are just S.6 drop outs. They are just feasting on Ugandan Citizen’s sweat through the taxes we pay and yet they never want to be taxed, what a shame? I painfully pay 200,000 monthly tax to the government and then some Mpigs just jumps to say they now sympathize with Makerere staff?

Did Makerere Staff inform you so called MPigs that their major problem was money? Why dont you unanimously sacrifice your funeral allowances instead to the lecturer’s pay if you are too concerned than straining us?

Sometimes I want to burst when I see such comedy. Fortunately, president Museveni has for the second time refused to ascent to the Income Tax bill Unfortunately still, this is going to be passed into law according to Rule 132.9 Parliamentary Rules of Procedure which mandates parliament to pass it into law once the bill is returned twice by the president.

President Museveni argued that the decision by the legislators to amend clause 21 of the Income Tax law to exempt themselves from paying taxes, doesn’t promote good practice, saying the move isn’t only injurious to revenue efforts, but not politically and morally correct.

Imagine an S.6 drop out earns more than a University Professor and when a professor asks for an incentive, some one who is allegedly an MP ignorantly says your role is to teach? Can you give us a break please?

Are you aware that it is actually even after paying taxes, it is the parents of students at Makerere who pay the 40% of the entire salaries of staff about 6bn? Why dont you resolve that the government must fully fund the university than this kwara kwara of yours?

Focus on things that will help Ugandans and act by examples. The bible says “Turyabareebera ahabyaana byaabo”

Apparently the 11 MPS who have joined Besigye on the fundraiser for MUK lecturers

Apparently the 11 MPS who have joined Besigye on the fundraiser for MUK lecturers


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