Smoked Out: Uganda Gay Exhibitors Arrested by Police in Kabalagala

kukkkUganda police last evening raided gay exhibition expo dubbed #MrandMissPrideUganda2016 at club Venom in Kabalagala a Kampala Suburb and arrested over 12 gay exhibitors.

According to a gay activist and the embattled Makerere University nudist professor Dr. Stella Nyanzi, the arrests by Uganda Police Forces are a move to violate human rights.

“Human rights from Sexual Minority Uganda and other The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people have been arrested by human rights violators Uganda Police Forces, ” Said Dr. Nyanzi before she added; “I condemn in the strongest terms possible these arrests of peace-loving Ugandan citizens.”

The event was to mark the 5th annual Gay Pride Week in Uganda started on August 2. Uganda has continued to have an austere stand on homosexuality and thus they regard themselves as a minority group in the country.


According to the Kuchu Times a blog known for promoting homosexuality in Uganda, most of the contestants have been arrested including attendees of the function.


Among the arrested Dr. Frank Mugisha the Sexual Minorities Uganda Executive Director and other 10 Ugandan gay activists were arrested, in his tweet Dr. Mugisha revealed to have been arrested by police in Uganda

Capture1 Capture2 Capture4

Contestors included Contestant number one ; Sash from Congo contestant number 2 Nansubuga Emmanuella, Contestant Number #3 Desire Jojo from Mbale , Contestant No. #4 Kevin from Burundi, Contestant No #5Princess Rihana, Contestant, Contestant #6 Isabella Redapple – Mbale , Contestant #7 Poison Ivy, Contestant #8 Shakirah Abdul , Contestant #10 Arthur Mubiru , Contestant #11 Rashid,

  kkk kuch kuchi kuchret kuchu1 kuchu2 kuck


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