The future of Social Media as Museveni scoops 5th term

Social media shutdown as the president swears in for the 5th term. Authorities in Uganda have again ordered for the switching off of social media by mobile uses over allegation that this impedes development as a lot regime haters take to social media to abuse them.




Ambiance of three seconds Wide shot of internet websites
The Ugandan government is planning to amend the Uganda Communication Act 2013 to allow the minister to act without approval of parliament.


Medium shot of parliament, Rebecca
The amended of the Uganda Communication Act comes in handy just after the recently concluded general elections that were charged social media out bursts. The February 18th general election which was awash with among other things news reports of users of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp being blocked from using them. The blocking was a result of an order by UCC to the internet service providers to protect against a threat to public order and security. Wide shots of the recently concluded general elections.
Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police spokesperson says the new law is aimed at assisting police in tracking and charging those involved in cyber crimes. Wide shots of police officers at work.
The problem is that there is regulation, I mean people are posting as much content, at times you find it is appropriate and it is a platform with un restricted access, you just find somebody creating an account and then starts attacking another one. So it needs to eliminate the creation of these pseudo accounts. Medium shot of Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson.
This new law however, builds doubts whether it will be effective as Sarah Bireete, the programs Director for Centre for Constitutional Governance relates it to the China and Bangaladesh governments which sought to restrict both social and traditional media online as an impractical venture. Medium shots of social media users.
How comes Social media is a threat in Uganda today, China has given up and is opening up social media so if Uganda wants to do a try and error, somebody said this government has been ruling us for try and error unfortunately, the time for trial has ended and we are in the period of error, so in the period of error then you let your government make a mistake that China made 10years ago and China is instead opening up but yours is aiming to close. Medium shot of Sarah Bireete, the Programs Director at Centre for Constitutional Governance.
The bill has brought mixed reactions from across section of social media users in Uganda Medium shots of Social media users
What they can do is to first educate the citizens because even when you come to IT we have a course unit called IT ethics and laws. Medium shot of social media user.
I am a person who uses social media a lot and once the government brings in such a law I don’t support it, they should be focusing on important laws Medium shot of social media user.
What the government can do in this case is to first sensitize people. Medium close up shot of an IT expert.
What government wants to do is a good move because I use social media a lot, but we get a lot of wrong information. Medium shot of an IT  student
Once this bill is passed into law, the social media law will be added to the list of already existing cyber laws such as computer misuse and anti-pornographic law, and the regulation of the interception of communication act which according to its critics will focus on narrowing the online expression space. Wide shots of social media users.

  NAME                                             REG NO.

DAVDSON NDYABAHIKA        12/U/24952

MUGISA HENRY                           12/U/8729/PS

BAMUHAIRA DEUS                    12/U/25249

MIIRO ASHRAFU                         12/U/24842

NANTONGO ZAITUN                  12/U/1208/PS



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