Makerere Final Year MASSCOM Class set Date for Dinner Gala

By Davidson Ndyabahika

zaharaThe laborious panting explanations from the coordinator and anticipation that goes on throughout the day among the 4th year Journalism and Communication students at Makerere University tells volumes about how much the dinner gala has changed the mentality of the students in the Department.

The celebration mood is in gear two (2), full of a riot of color, everyone a little more hyped up than they should be.

How ready should a the department be, with a month away from the annual finalists dinner gala that is to be graced by the distinguished dignitaries and other media guru’s as well as the department’s gurus as well as gracefully dressed couples? Majority of fourth year journalism & communication students are asking themselves that much, as the department gets into ‘standby mode’ for the finalists dinner scheduled for April at Imperial Royal hotel in Kampala.

Publicity for this dinner has been and is still all over social media, and word of mouth.

In a release by the coordinator of this dinner gala Mr. Derrick Senyonga, the event is intended to happen before exam time on April 29, 2016.

Dinner costs

Mr. Senyonga who said the dinner fee will be 65000 shillings for singles and 120000 for couples boasted of how it is worth celebrating after a long marathon of 4 years struggle.buffet

“This money will cater for a cake, entertainment (we intend to have a live band and possibly a comedian), Red Carpet Photo Shoot (Free soft copies and DVD will be given out after), Excellence Awards, After Party and so much more,” said Mr. Ssenyonga.

The event which is aimed at socializing for the last time together shall be strictly attended by finalists however a different charge for non-finalists has been set to those who want to attend as dates.

Giving awards

The final year students of journalism and communication plan to award gifts ad certificates of recognition and appreciation to different outstanding lecturers, students’ leaders, support staff as well as alumni.Buffet-Millennium-Stryker-Sapphire-Whoismillennium

“Previous dinners have always awarded outstanding individuals say lecturers with wrapped gifts. We however thought it wise that a certificate can serve a better purpose. Therefore, the award is a certificate. Students will nominate and vote for fellow students, Lecturers, support staff and alumni in different categories. The winner in each category will receive an award,” the coordinator highlighted.

Dinner table reservations

According to the dinner gala organisers, there will be special tables for reservations which go for six hundred thousand shillings (600,000) for 10 people irrespective of sex.

“All you have to do is identify the 10 people and submit in names to which a table Number will be allocated. In cases where individuals can’t mobilize and fill a table, they can submit in names and the organisers help them find more people,” said Ssenyonga.

He added; “Payments can be made to the dinner representative in your class. Any member who wishes to attend should confirm with at least half the payment by 8th April. This will help smooth planning.”Picture2

 Department ready to support

The department is doing all it can to ensure its year of dinner gala is a success. This, however, is coming at a high financial cost to students. The department has offered to lobby for the financial funding of part of the dinner costs so have the costs lowered.


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