Mandela Abel Nkunda the NRM Candidate in the recently concluded guild polls at Makerere University has today morning congratulated Mr. Bazil Mwotta Biddemu upon being elected new guild president and conveyed the desire to work with him.

“Congratulations your Excellency. We went into the race together but gallant intellectuals made a choice. They decided democratically that Bazil Mwotta should take the driving seat of this great institution for the next one year,” said Nkunda in his facebook post.

His greetings come when a 22 year old Mwotta was declared Victor in the recently concluded guild presidential elections that saw Mwotta poll the majority vote.

Makerere university students erupted into applause after victory was announced following a lengthy ballot count by hand in which  Mwotta polled  4591 votes of the 12,852 valid votes counted.

“I hearby congratulate you my brother for the fight well fought . U exhibited high levels of intellectualism and diplomacy,” said Mandela before adding; “I call upon the entire makerereans your work together for the better of our own Harvard of Africa . Politics should not separate us completely instead we should learn from these experiences and eye for the future.”

In the recently concluded guild elections 13,136 votes were cast out of which 284 were invalid.





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