Justice James Ogoola Hails Makerere on Guild Presidential Debates


Justice James Ogoola a retired justice and chairperson Elders Forum

Kampala: Justice James Ogoola, the chairperson of the Elders Forum has commended Makerere University Electoral Commission and the entire students community at Makerere University for upholding the spirit of debate during the recently concluded guild elections.

Justice Ogoola was on Friday March 11, 2016 speaking at a public dialogue on the election process in Uganda organized by Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE). He said that it is inspiring to see that the “debate thing” which was recently introduced in the presidential elections had already been picked by Makerere University students.

“The debate thing is the way to go. If we are talking about stability, do not expect me to preach revolution. Revolution cannot bring stability. We are talking about wise choices. I was impressed to see institutions like Makerere University also participate in the guild presidential debates.”

Justice Ogoola was submitting in reaction to the post-election Uganda and guiding on how Ugandans can always have solutions to their grievances minus embracing violence adding that the debate was the only leveled ground where all the eight (8) candidates got an opportunity to be heard by the country.debate

Meanwhile former Kenyan ambassador to France, Bethuel Kiplagat, who gave a keynote address, held that instability in Uganda directly affects Kenyans and that Africans should learn to solve domestic problems peacefully asserting that Ugandans should not create room for violence in the post-election era.

“No single soul should die because of election, before, during or after. Our economy in Kenya depends on you and I think, two or three per cent of the [Gross Domestic Product] depends on you [Uganda]. It is you who have made it for us. So, we have deep interest here, we cannot leave you…we are tied together,” ambassador Kiplagat said.

Makerere university electoral commission in liaison with Makerere Debating Union provided platform for intellectual debate to all the 13 guild presidential candidates. Vision Group’s Urban Television provided televised debate to the guild candidates at Makerere University.


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