I Want College of Education Votes Cancelled- Ssemboga Roy


Students show support to Bazil Mwotta the guild president Elect at Makerere University freedom square recently

Makerere March 16, 2016

The defeated guild presidential candidate of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) Mr. Roy Ssemboga has urged the Makerere University Guild Elections Tribunal to nullify the Mwotta election and cancel two polling stations from his college.

Ssemboga made a prayer in his affidavit supporting his election petition where he claims victory and allege to have been rigged only at the college of education where the declared winner reigns.

“… that an order doth issue cancelling the results of the polling stations at school of education and that results from other no disputed stations be declared valid and substantive,” asked Roy in a petition.

Our news snoops have learnt that the tribunal set to sit on Thursday March 17, 2016 at 10 am in the university Council Room.

He says the cancellation is imperative owing to electoral malpractices and irregularities that occurred during the polls. Roy is also challenging the victory and declaration of Mr. Mwotta by Guild Electoral Commission on the grounds that the polls were marred by electoral malpractices and irregularities.

The petitioner earlier yesterday tendered his written petition on oath and certified true copies of result sheets including several other electoral materials in furtherance of his case.

Roy soon after the election according to eye witnesses, on realizing he was losing an election which he had heavily invested in much money, decided to storm the electoral commission where the tallying was taking place at Makerere Guild offices.

Roy who had entered the tally center with stones in court pockets and individuals like Ssenoga Simon cause chaos which impelled police to heavily deploy at the tally center.

It is believed that on arresting some of the goons that had entered with Roy armed with stones which they started pelting at the build which later led to the shattering of glass windows at the guild office building.

Roy’s supporters also allegedly started throwing stones in the thousands of students who had gathered to witness the declaration of the winner at the tally center prompted police to fire in the air as well as use pepper spray to disperse the already forming crowds.


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