I was Cheated – Makerere’s Ssemboga files election petition after losing by 300 votes


Disgruntled: Mr. Semboga Roy a petitioner

Battle still on

The Makerere University’s UYD flag bearer Guild presidential candidate Mr. Roy Ssemboga is headed to the guild election tribunal as he continues his battle to win the guild elections from the  students’ guild elections.

The UYD leaning independent candidate Mr. Bazil Mwotta Biddemu was on Friday 11th declared winner of the hotly contested guild race at Makerere University. In an election with 13 guild presidential candidates the two main rivals Mr. Biddemu polled 4591 against his closest rival Mr. Ssemboga who polled 4276 votes with a difference of 312 votes.

In his petition filed to the Makerere University Guild Elections tribunal on Monday 14th March 2016, Mr. Ssemboga alleges that electoral process was marred with irregularities that substantially affected the outcome of the election.

“The election was marred by violence and intimidation perpetrated against my agents at the school of education, forcing them to leave and hence facilitating ballot stuffing,” said Ssemboga in a petition.


Copy of petition

Mr. Roy also alleges that there cannot be any polling station where voters can be to 1000 people with in the time of an election and asks the tribunal to annul the election results from the school of education.

“Having regard to the thousands of votes cast at the polling station leaves no other explanation other than ballot stuffing. It is not possible for 1000 people to vote in a space of eight hours.” said Ssemboga

He added; “It is only fair that the actual votes tallied at the school of education be disregarded in ascertaining the final outcome of the election result.”


Winner: Mr. Bazil Mwotta Biddemu – Guild President Elect

According to the records from the academic registrars department, the College of Education and External Studies has a students’ population of 5700 voters with two polling stations organized for voting at the voting day.

Whether Mr. Roy has aground on the voter turn up on the voting day the tribunal is will establish the authenticity of his allegation.


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