Eritrea Hoax: Thigh Power; Inside a Ugandan teen’s mind

I wish I was Eritrean:

“If Eros of the sweet soul and Cyprian Aphrodite imbue our thighs and breasts with desire, and infect the men with sensuous rigidity and bouts of truncheonitis, then I believe all Greece will one day call us Disbanders of Battles,” Lysistrata.

The line in the play shows another way that the women can have power over the men: through their ability to arouse sexual desire. After the successful venture by women in Greece, men were successfully gripped by painful erections, men retreated and war was over. Could this be the same with Ugandan men?

Social media globally has been stuffed with frenzy debates about the alleged new law by the Eritrean government to compel its male citizens to marry 2 women or face jail. eretria

The strange news that broke from the Kenya-based Standard Digital Media as an Entertainment story with the said Eritrean “New Marriage Law” has been received by men globally with much verve than real news.

The Ugandan digital media aged wannabe’s spread the rumor further indeed confirming that Eritrea was a proper landing place for the soul searching Ugandans.

Online sites have reported about a memo “alleged” that confirmed reports hence, “activists have posted a memo allegedly by the Government of Eritrea asking men to marry at least two wives due to acute shortage of men occasioned by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia.”

The contents in the memo alludes to Aristophaness’ political satire of an attempt by women of Greece to stop the madness (war). Incidentally, the alleged men scarcity in Eritrea is due to the civil war between Eritrea and Ethiopia that led to the perishing of 150,000 soldiers. erit

It is noted that the tiny Eritrea (about 4 million people) suffer stagnation as majority of the country’s women sexually starve.

Earlier today, Danny T. asocial media enthusiast posted on twitter revealing how the craze had hit Uganda.

The hoax brought on board Ugandan feminists on the defensive when they saw majority men expressing interest in grabbing Visas for the bonking offer.

My colleague, a female working with a certain firm in town hurried to post this afternoon that the Eritrean government had clarified that the directive relating to 2nd wives was strictly for Eritrean nationals only. And therefore any foreigner who wanted to marry an Eritrean girl had to serve in the army for 5 years first.

Eritrea’s “new marriage law” leaves the youthful population in Uganda drooling and wishing the law was Ugandan.

For that reason, “if my friends ask you where I am, be kind enough to tell them, I am off for Eritrea. Bye all my Exes.”


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