May I support Arsenal? Open letter from a MANU fan

Please, can I run as independent and Support Arsenal?

To whom it may concern,

Gigs and Van Gaal humbled by the recent humiliations

IN TROUBLE: Ryan Giggs and Van Gaal humbled by the recent humiliations

I fear this makes me a bad person. But, oh well…

I am writing to inform you that MY FORMER TEAM Manchester United which I have supported willfully has reached orgasm and it is now defective. I would like to return to my original position and subscribe for fan ship at Emirates.

I have been a devoted secret fun of yours for years, until recently that I was greatly upset with the performance of my public team MANU. While I have maintained a healthy support and loyal relationship with MANU foot ball club for years, it is now extremely strained as a result of this latest performances informed by our IT specialist Max Reckers, which I think you will agree with me that this guy is up to our regular standards but rather a performance analyst who only concentrates on weaknesses rather than strengths. His approach having thought to have caused some irritation and under performances has not helped matters along with forensic examinations of each player’s positioning.

Our coach Loui Van Gaal fell out with our high profile players and since their departure, the situation at the club has deteriorated. Robin Van Persie, Jervier Hernandez, Rafael, and Angel Di Maria.

While I would have wished to stay loyal to you’re my club MANU, as I have done throughout the years, they have not understood that I expect a certain quality in return for my money, time and betting tickets and they are no longer providing this for me.

We have lost enough games and I am kindly requesting to consider my plea to join and start supporting Arsenal for now.

I do not feel that I am being unreasonable with my request. It is on that same background that I urge you to strongly consider this request. I anxiously await your reply.

Sincerely yours with anticipation,





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