How the assortment practice in Rushenyi is liable to produce low less competent leaders


I have of late been trying to study a common argument that sometimes our district gets leaders we deserve, conversely, we also so in one way or the other don’t get leaders we deserve. This is why I endeavor to find out how one can able patch up this irony.

Well whereas each statement is a smidgen different, to zero it down, leaders spring form societies they serve and therefore their behaviors and actions reflect on the societal peculiar habits, norms and traditions. Our leaders therefore cannot build our district with the skills and or norms of places we admire. They MUST build with the norms, and skills of places they come from. To this extent therefore, leaders reflect a character of their societies.

However if you scrutinize Rushenyi’s leadership closely, you realize that our county unlike other parts of the district is more likely to offer us leaders the worst, not the best individuals it produces.

Over the last 20 or so years, we have been known among the richest parts of the district based on the agricultural produce such as Matooke, milk and cows.

We have also additionally heard that our elders and stakeholders in Rushenyi own mansions in Kampala, agricultural farms and that majority are surely successful people in the business arena etc. This makes me believe that despite the low levels of education, we have had in Rushenyi, a reasonable number of families send their kids to school who eventually after graduation and may be employment never think of returning to Rushenyi and may be as stakeholders take part in the affairs of the county.

They all move out claiming they never want to join politics and thus claim they rather work on their own projects and increase on their incomes etc. And indeed if you get to look into the best students who graduate, a few would want to be employed in the county and the rest just go outside and some negligible would later join as politicians. There have been frustrations of a few intellectuals who have tried to politics and have come out with frustrations. This means that the people who continue to lead the populace down is less skilled that our society produces.

Largely, the most angry and intellectually inept colleagues you find them in the villages, bars etc or physically in public places somehow tend to be those whose careers have been unsuccessful. These will be men and women who later join our politics; and this means that politics is a dumping ground for mediocrity.

It is therefore not surprising that most of the young men and women whose careers have been unsuccessful in the professions or even in their low levels of literacy find a home in the NRM’s bus. There, they promote the politics of confrontation, exclusion, tribalism and corruption.

This completely amuses me leaving me wondering the future of our constituency.

May be, the most intellectually astute and skilled Rushenyians are busy pursuing their careers to think of committing greater time in debates. This has left the worst in our society in charge of the public sphere. This is somehow opposite of other counties like Kajara.

In many a case, the middle class in Rushenyi is creating a blunder by retreating to the comfort zones. By retreating to the comfort zones, of the professional success and being too busy to decide the destiny of our county, it is surrendering our county Rushenyi, to those who lack basic values and skills to promote enlightened politics.

Their detachment from the public debates has strengthened the voice of the worst in our society. Thos means that even if Rukutana lost power, we are likely to get more of the same corruption and intolerance, or worse. So we need to begin a conversation on how to bring Rushenyi‘s best back into debate of the future of our society.

What then does it mean to have numerous independent candidates in Rushenyi? Is it in any way significant?



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